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Tough Biker Orlando ​is an urban, crit-style mountain/cyclocross bike challenge through downtown city streets, public parks and parking garages.   Tough Biker is committed to helping at-risk youth through the sport of mountain biking. Proceeds benefit charities who assist at-risk youth in Central Florida.

Founded in 2014 by Orlando Police Downtown Bike Officer Mark Levy, the Tough Biker concept was formed after numerous bicycle patrol rides through city parking garages and the downtown urban district. Officer Levy didn’t want to just do another urban race.  He wanted to make a difference with the youth in the community who were experiencing the negative effects of at-risk behavior. Tough Biker was forged in the desire to provide a benefit to at-risk youth where they could learn both a skill and a creative form of recreation.  Youth learn both how to ride and repair their bikes!